4 zusätzliche WC-OUTs für die DCD-8

The CX-4 is an option card designed for the Brainstorm DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalyzer. It provides 4 additional Word Clock outputs through it's 4 BNC connectors.

Installation is very simple and can easily be performed by any qualified technician. Software version 2.20 or later is required for the CX-4.

The 4 outputs are grouped in 2 pairs. These pairs are identical to the last pair on the DCD-8, outputs 7 & 8, with the same reference and frequency. Also, termination is measured and displayed just like the other DCD-8 word clock outputs.

For set-ups requiring more than 8 word clock outputs, the CX-4 is a simple and inexpensive solution.

790.00 €