The Phoenix

Stereo Valve Compressor

A twin channel 'vari-mu' device. Compression ratio starts low and increases gradually so that compression can be subtle and natural, but compression effects can occur when driven hard. Very low noise. Continuously variable controls for Gain, Attack, Release, Threshold and Output Level. Stereo link for compressing a group (eg. drums) or a complete mix.

The Phoenix enhances vocals & individual instruments by being unobtrusive, gently 'warming' sounds and making solos sound more powerful. It¹s impressive on overall mixes & can give a digital mix 'reality'. It¹s also excellent for compression effects. Try drums with a 'thump' attack (i. e slowest) & fast release.

Key Features

All valve design for greater presence and naturality.

Completely free from solid state additives.

Transparent compression.

Punchy when pushed.

Drive it hard for compression effects and distortion.

Absolutely flat frequency response over entire audio range and beyond.

Minimal phase shift giving a crisp and warm sound.

Phoenix Specifications

Max output level (MOL)

+19dB into 600 ohms

+ 24dB into 10K ohms

Max Gain


Total Harmonic Distortion

Better than 0.09% @ 1kHz (at no compression)

0.11% @100Hz

Noise, IEC weighted

95dB below MOL

Input Impedance

15k ohms

Frequency response

0/-1dB 12Hz to 60kHz

Attack Time

0.004 sec to 0.12 sec

Release Time

0.06 sec to 2.2 sec

Output Impedance

600 ohms

Distortion will increase with compression, typically 0.2% & 0.25% at 1kHz & 100Hz with 8dB compression

3795.00 €

The Phoenix front

The Phoenix front

The Phoenix back

The Phoenix back