API 225L

Discrete Channel Compressor


Threshold control from -20 to +10 dBu

Variable compression ratio from 0 to infinity

Adjustable release time from 50m/sec to 3 sec

"Old" or "New" sound

HARD or SOFT compression knee

Always at unity gain, regardless of settings

LED Gain Reduction meter

API 2510 and API 2520 op-amps

Transformer output to +28 dBu

The API 225L Compressor is ideal for all studio, live sound and broadcast applications. Regardless of the threshold or ratio settings, the output level always remains at unity. This unique feature allows real-time adjustments without changing the output level. Both "feed forward" (new) and "feed back" (old) gain reduction methods are selectable on the front panel. There also is a SOFT or HARD selector for either an "over easy" compression resulting in a very natural, uncompressed sound or a typical sharp knee type that has a much more severe limiting effect. The 225L is designed for individual channel use or two units can be combined for Stereo applications via a rear access pin. The 225L also has a side chain input for the detector amplifier.

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API 225L

API 225L